letter from Yitzchoks Mom
To our most amazing friends and family, It's with tears in my eyes that I thank you, so long overdue, for the incredible amount of tehillim that you said for our Yitzchok 100(!!!) Days strong...The outpouring of Tefillos and encouraging messages that we received are no doubt what brought Yitzchok his miracle! When we walked through the halls of the ICU on the day of our discharge from the hospital, armed with chocolates for the staff, we were stopped by nurses and fellows, by the cleaners and the front desk managers and by the staff doctors with, " How is the miracle boy doing?". The Chief of the ICU asked if he could take Yitzchok's picture because he is doing a presentation in another center about ECMO, and he wants to show a live example of an ECMO success story.. As one Israeli ICU fellow told us, "If you did not believe before Yitzchok, Now you definitely believe!". There is no question that the Tehillim flooding the Heavens, and the outpouring of requests to the Rebbe, created this miracle. Thank you for being a part of this :) May we all have tremendous joy in our lives, Healthy nachat and May we have all our prayers answered with the coming of moshiach!! Signed, with tears of Gratitude, Aydla


March 8, 2017

There is a great G‑d in this world !!

Guess who is GOING HOME TODAY !

Your Prayers and Good Deeds meant the world to us and made this happen!!

Thank YOU !

IMG_1528 Yitzchok naar huis.JPG 

Do it for Baby Yitzchok
8 month old son of Shluchim, Yitzchok Ben Aydla Malka Vechter/Bluming is in critical condition after open heart surgery.
Baby Yitzchok is fighting for his life, on an ECMO machine.
Let’s shake the very heavens and bring him a refua shlema together!
What YOU can do NOW is.
Torah – sign up a child to a letter in the Kid’s Torah CLICK HERE our goal 1,000 letters!
80 percent is done! Help us reach 1,000 letters
Avodah – say a Perek Tehillim  CLICK HERE
Gemilus Chasadim – Do an extra Mitzva - all Hachlatos will be written in a Duch which will be taken into the Ohel.
Please email your Hachlota Tova to:
We thank all of you personally and look forward to sharing good news!
Yitzchok’s Family and Friends
December 25, 2016 update:
All you are doing for Yitzchok is most appreciated ! 
Yitzchok is still on the ecmo (heart and lung, advanced life support) machine. Every tefilla, hachlata and mivtzoim on Chanuka in the zchus that he have a full recovery brings it closer... 
Please continue to update things that are done for his refuah shlema we send them into the rebbe... [email protected]
We will share good news !
A Freilichen Chanuka 
December 27, 2016 update: 

Thanks so much for all you are doing for baby Yitzchok!

Yitzchok has BH made a small but significant step towards recovery. He was declared infection free. Yitzchok is still fighting for his life on the ecmo (heart and lung, advanced life support) machine. We cannot thank you enough for your tefillos, hachlatos and mivtzoim in the zchus that he be able to get off of ecmo and then off of a ventilator and begin the journey towards a full recovery!

please continue to update things that are done for his refuah shlema we send them into the rebbe... 
cant wait to share great news!

January 25, 2017 update
On Monday January 23, 2017 Yitzchok had an important procedure.
BH, he came out of the procedure safely. Hopefully this is the key to allow him to come off of the ecmo machine and begin regular recovery, and then finally come home !

February 7, 2017 update 

HE is OFF the respirator!!! Thank G‑d!

Do It For Yitzchok
1 uur

Unbelievable! on the holy day of Yud Shvat YITZCHOK CAME OFF THE RESPIRATOR AND NOW BREATHS ON HIS OWN!!!! Thank G‑d for the miracles we are experiencing. Your prayers are most appreciated!

Update as per February 23, 2017 

HI, FROM YITZCHOK! Yitzchok is still in ICU needs time to recover and relearn all baby things from scratch - Please keep on praying and doing mitzvot for him (Yitzchok ben Aydla Malka) its working wonders!