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Photo Galleries

Sukkot 5778 - also the Sukkah in the Hoveniersstraat was visited by many people.
Shofar factory
Every child enjoyed making his/her own shofar and listening to the explanation what the shofar means.
Great event which many ladies enjoyed. From herbs, honey, bodybliss, moving to beauty, healthy lunch boxes, lasting change and a super tasty buffet.
Great Jeshiva Event
pictures Moshe.Yonathan
Hundreds of children enjoy day camp and participate in lots of activities.
Hundreds attended this great parade.
Parade in the streets of Antwerp
Hundreds participated in the parade. Afterwards singing, dancing and a tombola.
Huge parade in the streets of Antwerp.
Getting ready for Pesach with Interactive Exhibit of Pesach Story and Hafrasat Challa (dedicated to Refua for Eden) in the matza bakery.
matza bakery
hundreds of children came to bake their own matza
A great party for the whole family with performance of the strongest man.

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Shofar factory